Why did you advertise?

Advertising is a form of communication. The aim is to attract or persuade the audience to take action or buy products, ideals, and services. This audience consists of readers, viewers and listeners. Everything is part of advertising communication. In your advertising show off your business or your product to your audience in a way they will know what is advertised. This is a common tool used by various companies and institutions in promoting their business. Whatever type and type of company, advertising is really needed.

There are various types of advertisements and they are used every day. The following types are print advertisements, broadcast advertisements, outdoor advertising, secret advertisements, replacement advertisements, public service advertisements, and celebrity advertisements. To show the difference in the type of advertising, below is its function and its use.

Print ads are ingredients printed such as brochures, magazines, newspapers and leaflets. They all have a common goal that let readers know about their products or services.
Broadcast ads aired advertisements through various types of broadcast media such as television, radio and the internet.
Outdoor advertising is usually seen on advertising boards, kiosks, trade shows and events.
Secret advertising is usually included in the film, program and TV shows without them mentioned but most of them show off brands.
Replacement ads are generally used to showcase different products related to prohibited products.
Sister-advertising celebrity is an ad that uses celebrities as a supporter of certain products.
Ads play a major role in business. This is a booster or energy of all companies and products. The reason for advertising varies but most of them are common in one thing and it is to tell people about them. So what is the different reason why companies and individuals do advertisements? Here are some of the reasons.
To introduce. Many products, websites, and new companies are now quickly popping up to the market and to protrude from their niches, they do advertising.
To sell. This is the most common reason in all companies and products, to sell. Companies and products are advertising to the public using the most common type of advertising, print and broadcasting. Let the public about their services or products.
To help. This type of reason is more public service.
To provide information. Information such as certain components of vegetables or fruit is one good way to fight certain diseases.
To warn. The police department and the company advertise the faces of people who violate the law or take the wrong action to the public.

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