6 tips for choosing a suitable contract manufacturing partner

The contract manufacturing business has witnessed a much higher growth rate compared to the market for the pharmaceutical industry or biopharmaceutical industry. Recently, according to a contract manufacturing market research study, it was stated that the global market for contract manufacturing is expected to grow at the annual growth rate of compounds (CAGR) of 6.91 percent during the 2016-2020 period. The demand for this sector is quite large in current time due to the effectiveness and benefits of expansion. Someone needs to be familiar with these six pointer to find apt manufacturing partners.

Need for manufacturing partners

For people who are not ready to reach contract manufacturers, don’t feel abandoned because there are many companies that follow this ignorance path. Small companies operate based on cash constraints and have a narrow product development option. This makes tough marketing without the presence of the right marketing department. In addition, the expansion into the adjacent category has also blurred to increase the number of obstacles. The need to find manufacturing partnerses will take effect to resolve this tribulation. The preferred partner will help you overcome the decline and balance your production.

Planned decision

The decision to choose which producer will you do is counted as one of the most important decisions for your company. This choice must be given hard interests or maybe certainly boomerang. What’s wrong after you choose the wrong manufacturer? You can have production problems as a result of equipment that is poorly maintained or because of their priorities for a larger customer population in front of you. Also, the process of irregularities and operational slipups can interfere with your reputation in front of the customer. Above all, manufacturers can be trapped in the quality of the quality of raw materials due to poor vendor management. Such problems may be a small headache for large companies, it can be proven fatal for startups that struggle to gain brand recognition.


The next factor that must be considered is responsive manufacturer. Do contract manufacturers share the same urgency as you did? Do they reply to your phone call every time you need anytime during the day? In addition to responding in a timely manner, it will act flexible when it cannot be predicted. You need to assess their presence and method after entering a contract with your company.

Who are their customers?

– Always save strict checks on manufacturer customers and past. Also, analysis has worked with other customers in the same way as you, or is your company the first of these types and sizes working with it? Do they preserve customers for the long term? These are some questions that must be asked before making the knot too fast.

– Be careful to improve business with such manufacturers who are not happy to offer you a positive relationship with other customers as part of active reference. Don’t hesitate, but ask for a list of past producers customers. Don’t miss the task to call their past customers and analyze the reasons why they stop doing business with your choice manufacturer.

See Total Cost

While looking at the market analysis of contract manufacturing, you must focus on determining various manufacturers. This will give you a short idea about the total cost consisting of various components such as production costs, packaging / materials, materials, loss of results, storage and transportation.

You need to confirm that your manufacturing costs are all included and nothing else will be added in the next process. It is important to note that the loss of the results of each company must allow around 3% on materials along with one or two percent related to packaging materials. Especially also ensure that the total landed costs must include the proc

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