VAs the future of Customer Service

On dialling the number listed on the website, ‘John’ is greeted on the 2nd ring by a polite and professional person who is more than prepared to quickly book his upcoming appointment with his business coach. The person on the line is happy to explain all that John will need for his appointment, confident in explaining howhis payment will processedthrough the secure online payment system,and fully aware that John needs a quiet space, due to a hearing impairment.

Only, the person on the line has never met John…or his coach. The person on the line is a Virtual Assistant. Qualified, fully insured, and a business owner in their own right, this individual offers bespoke administrative and digital support to a number of clients – like John’s coach.

How much is your time worth?

According to Michelle from Virtual Hand “Their rate may sound more than the hourly rate of your average receptionist, but a virtual assistant’s clients will never need to consider CPD, pension schemes, health and safety training, or desk space.“

Additionally, the range of skills available through an incredibly collaborative VA network, is literally endless. From virtual reception services – as in John’s experience – through to bespoke events management, legal document creation, bookkeeping, Human Resources professionals, and website alterations, and extensive social media support, to name a very few.

Rethinking the traditional office.

With an influx of independent businesses springing up,through necessity and opportunity during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent change in office and work-from-home culture, a different kind of support is needed for professionals and start-ups, alike.How do you ensure that your customer’s first impression of your business reflects the professional standards you market, whilst working from your home office or dining-room table? Many, in this new standard, find they are navigating family schedules, and while aware that they require additional support, have no interest in taking on office spaces, or bringing a member of staff into their home. Besides this, the dilemma of hiring a remote receptionist, secretary or personal assistant, is daunting to say the least.

In steps the Virtual Assistant. The difference? The difference is evidenced in the title itself. Virtual assistants are specifically conscious of every difficulty faced by busy, versatile business owners. They are already atuned to working remotely from their clients and have all the necessary equipment, every insurance required, and are finely tuned to the intricacies of bespoke customer service aligned to your business tone, branding and message.

Conquering the mystery of ‘digital presence’.

An enormous number of these courageousentrepreneurial people have decided to invest their talents and abilities into online businesses that require the world to hear of their products. Welcome to the world of Ecommerce.

This is an incredible marketplace of opportunity, yet many entrepreneurs are brought face to face with a plethora of new concepts such as sales funnels, CRMs, email list-building and ‘engaging copy’.

Each of these must be put into place with the customer in mind – A thorough understanding of the user experience and customer journey has to be grasped and implemented for this process to be successful. Quite understandably, this is incredibly daunting for many beginning a business based on a particular talent or product.

Virtual Assistants, however, are ‘wired’ to appreciate not only the ’flow’ of the digital sales funnel, but as business owners themselves, they fully understand the pressures of starting a business and tailoring it to suit your ideal clients.

While most virtual assistants don’t claim to be marketing professionals or copywriters, many have vast experience in these fields, and specialise in identifying and maximising the impact achievable through social media platforms.

Many have learned to master the various social media Ad system, sales funnel software options, and ecommerce sites, allowing creatives to create with little worry over exhibiting their craft and decor masterpieces, to the globe.Within this knowledge, presents a ready-made expert voice to manage the queries from clients struggling to navigate the systems, or assist you to run smooth campaigns for the launch of your most recent brain-child.

Is the future of customer servicehuman Virtual Assistants?

 Our clients would strongly concur that the answer is YES!

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