All you wanted to know about fixed-based operator services

If you are an investor or capital sponsor in the aviation field, you may have many questions about the airport services. In North America and in some parts of Europe, the roles of the various operators and service providers at an airport are well defined, while in other countries, local managers are associated with many people. In this article, we will take a glimpse of the different services at a public airport, as well as things you can expect, especially if you need direct support to find the best service provider to meet your needs.

Overview of fixed operator services (FBO)

The fixed-base operator (FBO) services use mainly infrastructure and facilities at the airport keys to aviation, usually under a long-term lease directly from the airport. Services can vary depending on the nature and size of the airport, but the main profile often remains the same. FBOs are responsible for a number of different roles. They provide critical line service functions such as manipulation, fuel and suspension of private aircraft, manage the passenger terminal, crew and other facilities, and may also offer certain maintenance services and maintenance services. of repair. The size and location of the FBO determine their services to a large extent. Full-service FBOs are extremely popular in North America and Europe, while in other areas such as Australia and Asian regions, the demand for these services increases.

Overview of field managers

Underground manipulators, on the other hand, are generally approved by the airport as a dealer. They can provide the general services required in the sector, mainly at airports that do not have the required infrastructure for complete FBO services. These companies mainly deal with the services below, although in some cases, they deal with the above services. In this context, it is important to understand the distinction between the services above and below.

1. On services above – these include a wide range of services, including some of the services offered by the FBO, such as catering restoration, cleaning flights, management and management. Management of passengers and crew, and all that is directly related to the management of the flight. These services also include the management of crew terrestrial accommodation and passengers, in addition to concierge services.

2. Under the wing services – These services include the manipulation of aircraft, the fuel, the management of support equipment, the baggage movement and the required hangar services. All field managers who make sub-wing services must have specific operating rights from the airport, have the necessary equipment and to be specially trained in various functions such as towing, marshaling, fuel, etc. They must also have appropriate insurance in place at a minimum. Amount specified by the airport. In some parts of the world, ground managers may need additional certification.

Other places

With regard to the management of aeronautical infrastructure, the FBO specializes in different areas, although they are all supposed to perform certain basic line functions. Fixed base operators include private aviation needs, whether corporate or recreational, and can provide direct assistance to the flying public. Some companies may also have additional experience in facility management. If you have aeronautical assets and you are looking for professional management, you need to look closely reviewing a potential service provider experience and a depth and depth offer. If you are looking for help for international assets, the service provider should have a proven assessment in global operations.

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