The Top 5 Best PR Firms in Los Angeles

Mad Men might have popularized advertising and PR (public relations) agencies in the mainstream, but in today’s world, PR is about much more than press releases and TV spots. In reality, public relations is about ensuring that your brand story matches up with the story that the public accepts as truth.

In a world where storytelling is king, PR helps brands tell the right story. This means that it’s essential to not only run an all-star business but also to promote your brand thoughtfully with a combination of both digital and traditional channels. Today, PR is a careful blend of media mentions, book deals, podcasts, influencer partnerships, and more.

But PR can be a cutthroat industry, and nowhere is the PR market hotter (or more competitive) than in Los Angeles. PR agencies in Southern California have a star-studded roster of clients ranging from celebrities to startups. Thanks to the crucible of Hollywood, Los Angeles public relations is a competitive arena that’s forged some of the best PR groups in the nation. Learn about the top PR firms in Los Angeles to see who’s the cream of the crop.

1. Marketing Maven

Since 2009, Marketing Maven has served clients from Los Angeles to New York City. Marketing Maven works client accounts including Coors U.S. and the Small Business Administration (SBA). This seasoned PR firm does traditional media outreach, but it also specializes in online strategies like SEO and event planning for tradeshows. Marketing Maven’s digital-first approach makes it a cinch to track metrics, which gives this firm’s clients a holistic look at what’s working for them so they can see results in black and white.

2. Bastion Amplify

Formerly known as Elevate, Bastion Amplify is a PR firm based out of Newport Beach, California. Founded in 2008, Bastion Amplify was rated as one of the Top PR Agencies in Orange County from 2019 to 2022. This agency offers traditional PR while also specializing in social media for both small businesses and large enterprises. Its client roster includes everything from motivational speakers to big corporations like IFG World.

3. Bob Gold & Associates

Bob Gold & Associates is the most experienced PR agency on our top five list. Founded in 1997, Bob Gold & Associates has over 25 years of experience, which is no small feat in the competitive Southern California market. Based out of Redondo Beach, California, Bob Gold & Associates offers crisis communications as well as tradeshow planning, content creation, and media outreach. With clients like Cisco on its roster, the Public Relations Society of America named Bob Gold & Associates as one of its Cable TV Pioneers.

4. Firecracker PR

Based out of Brea, California, Firecracker PR has been around since 2004. It serves clients like Boeing and King’s Hawaiian, but Firecracker PR’s bread and butter is clients in the IT and technology space. Firecracker PR follows a unique five-step process for all of its clients, offering both traditional PR as well as content strategy and SEO.

5. Miller Ink

Founded in 2013, Miller Ink is a Los Angeles PR firm that does full-service PR ranging from crisis communications to media pitching. Miller Ink is one of the biggest agencies on our top five list with over 50 employees. Although it works for small businesses and enterprise clients, Miller Ink is notable because of its work in the nonprofit industry. It’s worked with clients like American Jewish University as well as the American Friends of Yad Sarah.

Honorable Mention: NRPR Group

This agency’s award-winning reputation is increasing NRPR Group’s rankings in the local LA PR scene. Founded in 2014, NRPR Group is a growing PR agency in Los Angeles. Its founder, Nicole Rodrigues, was named on PR Daily’s list of Agency Leaders of the Year for 2022. NRPR Group’s full-service offerings and hyper-focus on helping  tech startups and fortune 500 companies position themselves for funding or IPOs make it a real contender in the Los Angeles public relations market. In an industry that’s infamous for treating clients like a number, NRPR Group’s high-touch, personalized approach gets clients consistent results  in less time.

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