The retail manager is the key to attracting more customers to your store.

Have you ever wondered why your retail store does not attract and keep as many customers as you like? The answer has a lot to do with your retail manager.

During my years in the retail sector, I met with remarkable men and women in retail management. Unfortunately, they have been too few and as such, retail companies they represented suffer from a much lower profit than it was otherwise possible.

So, what are some of the characteristics and qualities of these outstanding retail managers who have been able to attract significantly more customers to spend money in their stores?

First, they cared deeply about their staff. They care about them as people. They took interest in their lives far from work. They asked questions about hobbies, pets, football teams, partners, children, what they did last night, what they had planned to do the weekend.
They accepted errors in learning.
They respected the opinion of their staff and often sought their contribution.
They extend their people by sharing management work
They were very well organized.
They had a great sense of humor.
They were calm in a crisis.
They were creative thinkers
They are proud of the appearance of their store.
They were very detailed above.
They had excellent sales skills.
They got budgets and define recordings.
They were very good teachers.
They have formed excellent relationships with their customers.
They were interested in the art of retail trade and read largely on the subject.
They are dressed in a professional way.
These retail managers acquired the skills on how to get more customers and create very profitable retail stores over a long time by themselves. The company they worked for having had very little to do with their professional development. I did my business to collect the best retail ideas so you can apply them to your business.

The sad thing is that many retail companies regularly name retail managers to a million dollars, even several millions of dollars and expect excellent results, but they offer very little training in Areas such as customer acquisition, sales skills, skills of people, etc. Marketing skills.

Management and corporate owners should not expect excellence when they do not teach excellence. It’s as stupid as giving someone a fishing rod and expecting them to be excellent in fly fishing.

Excellence must be consistent in all retail trade; Not only in the occasional store.

How about a competitive retail advantage that will guarantee more store traffic and more profitable sales? “We are proud to have the best retail managers in the industry”.

Simply imagine how inspired it would be “the company with the best retail managers?”

Imagine what difference would it be having a happy, motivated and inspired staff all the time.

Just think about energy, the sense of pride, respect and attention to the details that your customers would suffer as soon as they have entered one of your stores.

All this is possible, but you must decide to do it.

There is no genius in a bottle or magic wand to get more customers and increase your profit miraculously occur during the night. It takes commitment of time and money and special attention to the final result.

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