4 main questions that you need to ask in advertising

The basic principle of your ad requires you to fully analyze the answers of several questions before making an effective advertising decision. Here are 4 questions that you must ask yourself:

4 main questions

What should my advertising must do?

Who is your ad talking?

What should you say?

What media advertising media should you use?

In various types of business conditions, this question can have many answers. When you discuss this question, you must think of every question, you should not accept any answer until you have reviewed and see the possibility of possibilities.

What do you want your ad to achieve?

The first thing you want to improve in your advertising plan is to know what your advertising goals are. You must be a perpecative maybe why do you advertise and what you want to achieve. You will want your ad to expand your business, for your advertising program to work, you must be very appropriate. Here are some of the goals that you can achieve what will be achieved in your ad:

You might want to add to the familiarity of your business.

You want to captivate your competitor customers to your website.

You want to multiply good opportunities to keep your customers now and build their loyalty.

You want you to generate sales and instant sales.

It’s possible that you might want your ad to reach all of these goals and even more. You want to prioritize your goals. Your advertising will work best when expanded to meet one goal at once.

Who is your ad talking?

Now after you set your advertising goals, you need to choose an audience that aims to order your ad. Advertising intended for everyone rarely works. For successful advertising must be written into certain customer minds. You must try to imagine individuals you need to reach so you can achieve your ad goal. You must relate to customers targeted in all the following:

Demographics: which includes age, income, gender, business location or residence

Behavior; Your current knowledge is about business, products, services, and or vendors they use, loyalty to your competitor’s business or your business, etc.

Needs, want, or desire: What are the benefits you search for your customers, the reason where they will decide whether they will use your product or service, and how your business can meet needs.

What should my ad to say?

After you find out who your target audience is and what they are looking for. The service or product you offer, you need to decide what your ad will say. Your advertising must be written to inform the message that can be seen as something important by the customer you mean. You must write your ad to persuade your audience, describe the most important benefits of your service or product in your ad. You must remember attention, attract interest, arouse desires, motivating analog acts is Aida.

Where do you have to place your ad?

You will find that every month, there are new and latest ad options available. You can place ads on the television station, in grocery carts, at the airport, buses and wherever you can find it. You want to place your ad where your target customer will have the possibility of listening or seeing your ad. There is no good or bad setting place to advertise. You need to look at your advertising purpose, your ad budget, when you look at your media choice.

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