Tips for ensuring the safety of your shop

There are so many factors to consider when running a shop. Safety is a big concern and it’s crucial to keep both your staff and customers safe at all times.

While it’s important to prevent any accidents in your shop, the recent cost of living crisis has also seen a rise in shoplifters by 23%. That’s why it’s more important than ever to put in the appropriate measures to prevent theft, breaks ins and vandalism, too.

Staff training

You must ensure your staff receives proper training on various health and safety procedures to prevent the likelihood of accidents occurring. This will also help them to respond suitably, should anything happen.

They should also be trained on what to do when dealing with potentially dangerous customers. Your employees’ safety should always be a priority, so they must act accordingly to keep themselves and other customers safe.

As an employer, you should conduct regular risk assessments and consider several scenarios that could happen in-store. All staff should trust their instincts and keep a safe distance from potential criminals, only if they feel confident to address the individual. If they feel particularly uncomfortable, they should be able to step away and alert a manager or security.

Proper fixings

When installing shelving, either on the shop floor or in the stockroom, it is essential to consider all aspects of safety to protect employees from any workplace hazards.

Ensure your shelving is built correctly and properly fixed using eye bolts from RS to reduce the risk of anything falling from height. While protecting your employees, you’ll also be limiting the amount of stock damage and, in turn, any unnecessary costs.

Install CCTV

Having security cameras positioned throughout your shop, both inside and outside, can help deter potential thieves and help staff and customers feel safe. Well-placed CCTV cameras, coupled with professional signage, can reduce overall crime levels.

CCTV is also useful for monitoring activity on the premises, including the activity of your staff and any visitors on site. And, if a crime were to occur, having a CCTV system can help you collect the evidence to learn exactly what happened.

Keep things secure

During closing hours when the shop is shut, consider adding shutters over doors and windows to prevent anyone from looking inside. Keep valuable merchandise off the shop floor during this time, if a break-in does occur. Instead, you could display mock-up packaging on the shelves to reduce such thefts.

Tagging your items with Electronic Article Surveillance can notify the workers if someone is attempting to shoplift. Thieves will often target shops that don’t have this technology in place, so making this clear will direct them elsewhere.

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