The Types of Cardboard Boxes You Need to Know

Cardboard boxes are an important part of any business, but it can be hard to know which ones you need. This blog post will introduce the few types of cardboard boxes that you should know about. From small packaging to large shipping containers, this is a guide for all your needs.

The types

  1. Small Boxes

It is a common type of box and can be used for packaging all sorts of items. They are easy to assemble and take apart if they need to be moved. Because these boxes come in so many shapes and sizes, it’s important to have some labelling system on the outside so that people know what’s inside.

It can include labels or shipping stickers depending on your business needs. It is best not to use permanent markers as the label could wear off over time, even with good quality paper like card stock. To have more insight into this, you may have a look at

  1. Large Boxes

These boxes are often used for shipping items. Therefore, it is important to make sure these boxes are strong enough to hold up during delivery. These types of packaging can also come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s best to have labels on the outside that tell people what they’re receiving.

You may want to use a permanent marker or print out your stickers depending on how many large packages you receive through regular mail cycles.

  1. Corrugated Boxes

This type of box is made up of corrugated material. They are strong and sturdy, making them great for shipping items such as books or other types of fragile goods. The outside may not look like much, but they can hold quite a bit! On the inside, there’s often more room than you would imagine, which makes it easy to pack bulky products without worrying about breaking anything in transit.

  1. Shoe Boxes

These boxes are a little different from other types of cardboard, but they’re still important to know about. They don’t have many uses in the business world and are typically just used for packing shoes or other bulky items that can be squished into a smaller space. You may want to use thicker paper like card stock with these kinds of boxes as it is easier to print than regular printer paper.


With so many types of cardboard boxes, it’s important to know which ones you need. Also, knowing how big the box needs to be and what kind of label you need will help your business run a lot more smoothly.

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