4 Ways to Boost Your Brand Exposure Online

The digital revolution continues unabated and seems to have infiltrated every facet of Australian life, from online shopping to calling the council to making an appointment with the doctor. Although the rise of digital has streamlined many business functions, getting your own company onboard the digital train can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Below we list 4 ways that can boost brand exposure and your company profile through digital marketing.

  • Social Media – This is perhaps to most straightforward way to boost online exposure for the novice. It can be as simple as setting up a business page on Facebook or LinkedIn and sharing it with other people in the hope they will share with others. TikTok advertising is also an effective medium to promote your products or services with exposure to millions of potential consumers. Of course, if it was as easy as this to significantly boost your brand exposure, everyone would be doing it, but they aren’t. Many Australians who are serious about expanding the reach of their company, generally do what they can themselves and then hand the reigns to an experienced company that specialises in social media marketing.
  • Link Building – Link building through outreach is probably the best way to build an online brand presence organically, but unsuitable for those who expect almost instant results. Link building is usually a long-term, time-consuming process, but the ROI can be fantastic. So, you could do some social media marketing yourself and try to learn more about the ins and outs and get the link building services with First Page. Professional assistance will help you understand what link building consists of and how it contributes to the longevity of your presence on popular search engines such as Google.
  • Content Creation – The world’s leading search engine Google, absolutely loves content, and the more relevant your site content is to your sector, the better. Aside from using the relevant keywords on the right pages, it is also a good idea to have a dedicated blog page on the site. Having regular (and relevant) blog posts uploaded will enhance the authority of the site in the search rankings, as any new content is assessed by Google and contributes to a positive profile.
  • Local SEO – Local Search Engine Optimisation is a useful service for businesses based in one area of a city or town or for those who offer services/products through branches or franchises. The focus of local SEO is geo-specific. For example, a removalist company may target customers in the area where their business is based and use keywords such as’ removalists in Carlton’ rather than a wider search term like ‘removalists in Melbourne’ and as a result, compete in a less crowded digital marketplace.

The above-mentioned digital marketing services need to be carried out by an experienced marketing agency to achieve the best results. Although the initial investment may be a little off-putting, the ROI for those with long-term objectives can be significant.

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